Custom Stone Construction Support Services

Yellow Mountain StoneWorks is pleased to announce the addition of construction support services to the portfolio of support they provide their clients. These value added services leverage Yellow Mountain StoneWorks’ expertise in solving the unique kind of problems that can arise with innovative and complex stone designs and installations.

Construction Services

“Since we work across a wide range of projects types with a diverse set of team members, we are in the position to see the issues that have the potential to impact constructability or delay construction,” said John Williams, Owner and President of Yellow Mountain StoneWorks. “By offering construction services to our clients, we are able to anticipate and eliminate problems that would be disruptive and costly.”

Architects, landscape architects, builders, and installers can turn to Yellow Mountain to ensure that the artistry of the design is realized. “Yellow Mountain StoneWorks brings a tremendous amount of knowledge to the table, and that can make the difference between a good and great outcome,” said Tom Larson, senior project manager with John Kraemer & Sons. “You can count on them to be working for your success.”

Construction Services Highlights
Supporting ground-breaking innovation

  • Special Mockups: Each project presents unique conditions. In some cases, being able to see a mockup of the stone as part of the design or installation process can make the difference.
  • Patination: A special patina which adjusts the color of the stone can be used to create a totally unique appearance. Work with our finish experts to achieve that special look.
  • Stone Connection Design and Configuration: We can design the system for attaching stone to vertical surfaces so that the difficulty and expense of field generated solutions can be avoided.
  • Back-up Framing Design: Integrating the stone wall into the overall structure requires a coordinated construction assembly. We can collaborate with the structural engineer on this.
  • Building Envelope Evaluation: Installation detailing can affect stone performance. For example structural steel can transmit cold to the stone and, in the wrong configuration, cause frost on the interior.Thermal performance is an important part of the evaluation we conduct.
  • ASTM Materials and Properties Testing: Custom testing to determine the performance characteristics of stone for your specific use are available. We support innovators trying new things.
  • Custom Finish Development: We are constantly exploring new stone treatments, making regular additions to the finishes that we offer. When it must be unique, we can work with you to develop a custom solution.