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Yellow Mountain StoneWorks provides the stone sourcing, unique finishes, and construction services needed to realize the designer’s vision.

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Innovative Solutions

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Standout Performance

“The focus on the customer, depth of knowledge in the field, and success on monumental projects, has earned Yellow Mountain StoneWorks premier status and my repeat business.”

Gregg Paul – Vice President, Guinett Masonry, Inc.

Stone Selection Checklist

Use this checklist to guide the selection of cut-to-fit natural stone by considering the 4As: Attributes, Application, Activity and Aesthetics.™


Stone Selection Checklist

The 4As for cut-to-fit natural stone projects

The world of stone offers so many possibilities.

It is one of the most versatile materials we have in design and construction. From delicate veneers and cladding, to massive solid treads, walls and sculptures, stone spans the reaches of our imagination.

Yet, most inventoried stone is limited to slabs 2 and 3cm thick. This means architects and builders will always find themselves in the position of wanting a custom stone solution capable of addressing the unique design and site requirements which inventoried stone will not meet.

Since the type of stone chosen has a huge impact on the outcome, we have created this checklist to identify the most important considerations and to help guide selection.

We believe that existing inventory shouldn’t limit what you can achieve.

John Williams

Use this checklist to guide the stone selection by considering the 4As: Attributes, Application, Activity and Aesthetics.

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