No need to ask, it’s anticipated!

For custom stone projects to be successful, we think it is essential to include service as a standard part of the process. No need to ask and no extra fees. You will notice the difference in the way our team of experts engages with you on the details, from start-to-finish.

Results are predictable with Yellow Mountain StoneWorks

Our specialized approach and expertise ensures that everyone benefits. It’s a win all around.

  • Designers: See their vision realized by leveraging our expertise.
  • Builders: Maintain the timeline and costs by utilizing our materials.
  • Installers: Prevent costly mistakes by using our detailed shop drawings.
  • Owners: Enjoy a unique and successful outcome with us on the team.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Q: What does Yellow Mountain StoneWorks provide?

    We provide cut-to-fit stone solutions matching project requirements.

    This includes stone sourcing, custom sizes and finishes, as well as the construction services necessary to realize the designer’s vision.

  • Q: What are typical module sizes?

    Our stone is custom cut, so talk to us about what you are looking for.

    Our goal is to get you what you want. Yes, there are limitations based on stone properties and saw sizes, but we will find the right solution for your needs.

  • Q: What are your stone tolerances?

    Length ± 1 mm, width ± 1 mm and thickness ± 2 mm.

    This ensures that we provide consistent accuracy – the highest in the industry.

  • Q: How do you price?

    Our stone is priced Delivered, Duty Paid (DDP).

    The inclusive square foot price includes:

    • Material
    • Shop drawings
    • Submittal samples
    • Fabrication
    • Project management
    • Quality control
    • Freight and delivery to the job site

    We are happy to provide estimates to establish budgets and final pricing proposals. It is never too early to involve us.

  • Q: Is there a minimum order?


    The minimum order is $15,000.

  • Q: What is the lead time?

    Typically 10-12 weeks from shop drawing approval.

    We use shop drawing approval as an important scheduling milestone, as stone type, finishes and quantities are known. At this point the delivery time for your exact order will be finalized.

  • Q: How do you ensure quality?

    We don’t leave anything to chance.

    We specify every detail, produce exactly what is specified, and inspect each piece through every step of the production process. We even specify the transportation packing details so that your shipment arrives safely.

  • Q: When should we start talking with you?

    At the conceptual stage. It is never too early.

    We are available to assist you, at no cost, during the earliest stages of design. We understand that this is when many important decisions are made that determine the eventual outcome and we want you to have the benefit of our experience.


Stone Checklist

Stone Selection Checklist

The 4As for cut-to-fit natural stone projects
Use this checklist to guide your stone selection by considering the 4As: Attributes, Application, Activity and Aesthetics.


Stone Selection Checklist

The 4As for cut-to-fit natural stone projects

The world of stone offers so many possibilities.

It is one of the most versatile materials we have in design and construction. From delicate veneers and cladding, to massive solid treads, walls and sculptures, stone spans the reaches of our imagination.

Yet, most inventoried stone is limited to slabs 2 and 3cm thick. This means architects and builders will always find themselves in the position of wanting a custom stone solution capable of addressing the unique design and site requirements which inventoried stone will not meet.

Since the type of stone chosen has a huge impact on the outcome, we have created this checklist to identify the most important considerations and to help guide selection.

We believe that existing inventory shouldn’t limit what you can achieve.

John Williams

Use this checklist to guide the stone selection by considering the 4As: Attributes, Application, Activity and Aesthetics.


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Why Custom Stone

Why Custom Stone?

Versatile. Unique. Enduring.
Existing inventory shouldn’t limit what can be achieved. Learn how natural stone can be cut and finished to meet specific design and site requirements.

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“Yellow Mountain StoneWorks is unique. We are impressed with the large scale fabrication, unique finish, and installation support that we received. It's been a great turn-key experience.”

Bob Appert – Owner Representative, Redstone Builders