Realizing the artistry of the designer’s vision

To accomplish this, we provide stone sourcing, unique finishes, and construction support services. We offer natural stone, cut and finished, to meet specific project requirements.

We exist to make unique stone projects a reality

Our reputation has been built by addressing the needs of the designer, builder and owner simultaneously. We have reengineered the supply chain so that our clients can confidently customize projects.

Discussing your ideas and challenges is an opportunity that we welcome.

Unique Stone Projects

Stone Finishes

The finishes we offer range from the standard honed or polished surface to those that bear the mark of the stonecutter’s virtuosity – the pineapple, antique, bush hammer, adze and rustic pitched textures. See how the finish dramatically impacts the appearance of the stone.

Same Stone: Five Different Finishes
Grand Tortoise Limestone

Grand Tortoise Limestone - Honed - Thumbnail


Grand Tortoise Limestone - Antique Thermal


Grand Tortoise Limestone - Antique Lychee

Bush Hammer

Grand Tortoise Limestone Adze


Grand Tortoise Limestone - Antique Corduroy

Antique Corduroy

Bellevue Residence

“A stone supplier excited about working with us on the design side is rare. We have found design collaboration to be a unique strength of Yellow Mountain StoneWorks. They are a great company, doing a great job and a pleasure to work with.”

Jason Henry – Landscape Architect, Berger Partnership