Golden Beige Marble responds beautifully to the fabrication of architectural details, such as columns, fireplace mantels, or window casings, as well as stunning countertops or vanities. The refined fossilization, consistency and soft golden hue make it a versatile addition to any color palette.

Golden Beige Marble - HonedHoned
Golden Beige Marble - Antique CorduroyAntique Corduroy

Suggested Uses

Countertops, interior veneer, flooring and cubic fabrication.

Most Popular Finishes

Honed or Polished: Countertops, flooring, cubic fabrication

Standard Test Data

Density (lbs/cu ft): 155.45
Water Absorption %: 1.88
Compressive Strength (Wet) PSI: 9,715
Compressive Strength (Dry) PSI: 11,890
Flexural Strength (Wet) PSI: 1,218
Flexural Strength (Dry) PSI: 1,610