Pepper Brown Granite is one of our most popular and versatile granites. The color ranges from white to gold with fine tan-gold or rust as the standard when honed or polished. With a smaller more compact grain size, this stone tends to have a lower rate of water absorption. The hardness of this material renders a very uniform texture with our hand finishes. Used in pavers, main entry headers, veneer, stairs, coping, caps, window surrounds and fireplaces, the most popular are the bush hammer, adze, sandblast and mushroom finishes. This is a dream material for designers, carvers and masons.

Pepper Brown Granite - HonedHoned
Pepper Brown Granite - Bush HammerBush Hammer
Pepper Brown Granite - AdzeAdze
Pepper Brown Granite - MushroomMushroom

Suggested Uses

Pavers, cobbles, treads/risers, veneers, wall caps, coping or architectural details.

Most Popular Finishes

Honed: Countertops, veneer
Polished: Countertops
Bush Hammer, Adze, Sandblast: Pavers, veneers, stair treads, architectural details
Mushroom: Exterior veneer
Thermal: Pavers, stair treads

Standard Test Data

Density (lbs/cu ft): 162.50
Water Absorption %: 0.65
Compressive Strength (Wet) PSI: 16,958
Compressive Strength (Dry) PSI: 22,224
Flexural Strength (Wet) PSI: 2,240
Flexural Strength (Dry) PSI: 2,107.5