It was our pleasure to host an exclusive event for original thinkers on Thursday, October 13th at Portland’s Lan Su Chinese Garden. The focus of the event was to provide an atmosphere of discovery that would stimulate ideas and discussion and enable the participants to see natural stone in a new light.

Industry leaders in the design-build community wound their way through the paths of the garden, much like a scavenger hunt, discovering new ways to think about and use natural stone.

“Magical” and “inspiring” is how participants described the ‘Inspired Spaces’. Rainy skies cleared just in time for the gathering as the melodic sounds of Dr. Yang and his talented musicians played traditional Chinese instruments to set the tone for the unforgettable experience.

Chinese butterfly kites marked the way through the garden to photographic displays of Yellow Mountain StoneWorks projects alongside a display of a full array of stone in a variety of shapes and finishes.

In one of the discovery zones, Seattle stone mason, Jon Aguilar, demonstrated the ease of setting up and adjusting the Buzon pedestal set system, for use on exterior decking and walkways.

As the 60+ participants sipped wine and savored gourmet appetizers, the sound of laughter and hearty conversation signaled a successful event. Gathering the unique perspectives of architects, interior designers, builders, and masons in an informal setting was critical to the personality of the generative event experience.

Yellow Mountain StoneWorks is focused on creating new forums for inspiration and original ideas for natural stone. Look forward to more opportunities in the near future.